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AIX NIM Client

This page shows you how to add a standalone client to the NIM environment, and how to reset and remove it again. This is mostly done through smitty.

AIX NIM Client Add

smitty nim

  • Perform NIM Administration Tasks
    • Manage Machines
      • Define a Machine

(smit fastpath: smit nim_mkmac) Fill in the hostname the NIM server can resolve! If not, NIM will create a new network or disply other miscellaneous errors. NOTE: without proper DNS A and PTR records the NFS mount will fail


AIX NIM Client Reset

In case the client has a running operation or something like that you'll first have to reset the state of the specific machine: smitty nim

  • Perform NIM Administration Tasks
    • Manage Machines
      • Perform Operations on Machines

Select the machine you want to reset and press ENTER and select the reset operation:



Or use this command:

bash-3.2# nim -o reset lpar01

AIX NIM Client Remove

Now you can remove the machine: smitty nim

  • Perform NIM Administration Tasks
    • Manage Machines
      • Remove a Machine

Select the machine you're trying to remove and confirm (couple of times).


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