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AIX NIM Client Move

I was in the situation that I created a new NIM environment to replace the old NIM environment. I didn't want to follow IBM's documentation on how to move NIM clients from one master to the other so I created my own procedure. Steps are pretty simple:

  1. Remove the NIM client from the old master
  2. Add the client to new master
  3. Check the niminfo file

Remove the NIM client

The procedure on how to remove a NIM client from a master can be found here

Add the NIM client

The procedure on how to add a NIM client can also be found here

Check the niminfo file

On creation of a client a new /etc/niminfo file should be created. In case this file is wrong, corrupted, not replaced or simply missing you can simply remove it recreate it using the “smitty niminit” command (on the client) and filling in the required values: aixniminit.jpg
You can now start your operations like updating a client.


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