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AIX NIM Client Installation

Before we can install a client we have to prepare the server and the client for this operation. On the server the resources have to be allocated for the client, and the client has to boot over the network.

NIM server

smitty nim

  • Perform NIM administration tasks
    • Manage Machines
      • Manage Network Install Resource Allocation
        • Allocate Network Install Resources
          • ITO_AIX_53-06-07-0818_LPP_FULL (lpp_source)
          • ITO_AIX_53-06-07-0818_LPP_SPOT_FULL (spot)
      • Perform Operations on Machines
        • bos_inst
          • Source for BOS Runtime Files rte → spot
          • Initiate Boot Operation on Client? Yes → no
          • ACCEPT new license agreements? No → Yes

When done correctly there are two changes on the server. First there is a line added in the /etc/bootptab:

And, you can check the /etc/exports to see if the correct NFS shares are exported.

NIM Client

Setup IPL:

  • Boot the client and go into the SMS (System Management Services) menu by pressing 1 when you get the screen with stripes in it:
  • Choose the setup Remote IPL (Initial Program Load) option (2)
  • Select the network adapter you want to use for the network installation
  • Select network service for NIM this is bootp (1)
  • Select IP parameters (1)
    • Select Client IP Address (this is the NIM clients IP address that should also exist with the machine definition in the NIM serv er)
    • Select Server IP Address (this is the NIM server IP address)
    • Select Gateway IP Address (this is the NIM client gateway)
    • Select Subnet mask (this is the NIM client subnet mask)
    • Exit the IP parameters menu (ESC)
  • Select Adapter configuration (2)
    • Select Speed, Duplex (1) (set to auto,auto)
    • Select Spanning Tree Enabled (2) Make sure SPT is off
    • Select Protocol (3) Make sure the standard protocol is being used
  • Exit the Adapter Configuration menu (ESC)
    • Select Advanced Setup: bootp (4)
    • Select bootp retries (1) change the number of retries to 2
    • Select TFTP retries (3) change the number of retries to 2
    • Exit the Advanced setup: bootp menu (ESC)
  • Select Ping test (3) verify the network/ adapter configuration and try to ping the NIM server (1)
    • If the system replies ping success then you have a physical network connection to the NIM server.
    • If the system replies that the ping failed check the physical network configuration and the configuration on the NIM server
    • If it was success type M (return to main menu)

Setup Boot from network (still in SMS menu):

  • Select Boot Options(5)
  • Select Configure Boot Device order(2)
  • Select 1st boot device(1)
  • Select Network(6)
  • Select BOOTP(1)
  • Select the IP configured network adapter
  • Select make first boot device
  • Type x to exit the SMS menu and let the server boot

If the NIM client and server side are properly configured the NIM client will boot from network. It essentially will use bootp request to NIM server which will begin to push the installation package to the NIM client by using TFTP protocol.


Select a new and complete overwrite with needed software packages:

Check AIX Post Install to see what you need to adjust after the installation is done.


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