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AIX Timezone

We experienced problems setting the timezone in a mixed AIX 6.1 NIM environment with AIX 5.3 clients.
After installing clients we need to set the timezone manually.

Set Timezone

First check Timezone

>echo $TZ

This is a AIX 6.1 timezone, we need to set this to AIX 5.3 timezone:

  • smitty
    • System Environments
      • Change / Show Date, Time, and Time Zone
        • Change Time Zone Using System Entered Values
        • Select yes for Daylight Saving Time
        • Select '(CET-1CEST) Central Europe (CUT +1)' for 'CUT (Coordinated Universal Time) Time Zone'

Check and set the values as listed below:

  Time zone                                           CET-1CEST
  Day Light Savings Time Offset from CUT([+|-]HH:MM: [-2]
  Start Daylight Savings Day([Mmm.ww.dd|Jn])         [M3.5.0]
  Start Daylight Savings Time(HH:MM:SS)              [02:00]
  Stop Daylight Savings Day([Mmm.ww.dd|Jn])          [M10.5.0]
  Stop Daylight Savings Time(HH:MM:SS)               [03:00]

Now you have to do a reboot.
After the reboot the timezone will be displayed like this:

>echo $TZ


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