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ManageEngine Create Alert

We have bought the ManageEngine Eventlog Analyzer. I do not think it's the best tool for the job but sadly it's the one we bought so I'll just have to deal with it. We already have a lot of hosts syslogging to the server, so I wanted to have alerts when an user switches to root. To do so I needed to create an alert profile:

  • Login with a user with the required permissions
  • Click on the tab alerts
  • On the left, a list of current alert profiles appear, including a link to “Add alert profile”
  • Give an unique name and set the priority of the alert, select the hosts to which the alerts apply
  • Then go to the “Modify Criteria:” section
    • Set LogType and the Severity to your needs
    • Log message contains: This should be an exact match, unfortunately you can't match with keywords and wildcards:


  • Go to the “Notify by:” section
  • If you want the mail sent to multiple receivers separate them by a comma (,).




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