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AWS Lambda - Invoke new Lambda

It would be better to do this using Step Functions but sometimes quick and dirty is good enough. See the code below to invoke a new Lambda function onze your current one is done.

// Lambda Variables
var aws = require('aws-sdk');
var lambda = new aws.Lambda({
  region: 'eu-west-1' //change to your region
// Invoke nextlambda if you don't want to use Step Functions
// function invoke Email 
function invokeLambdaEmail(requestBody, callback, error){
    var params = {
        FunctionName: 'sendoutEmail',
        InvocationType: 'Event',
        Payload: JSON.stringify(requestBody, null, 2)
      lambda.invoke(params, function(err, data) {
        if (err) console.log(err, err.stack); // an error occurred
        else     console.log(data);           // successful response


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