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BlackBerry Standby

When I'm on standby I need my blackberry on during standby hours but off when standby is not required. This means the blackberry has to be turned off automatically at midnight, so I don't wake up during the night when it's not required. And in the morning, the blackberry has to be turned on automatically without my intervention so standby can start.
This functionality can be obtained in two steps:

  1. Setup Automatically On/Off
  2. Disable security for turning the blackberry on

Setup Automatically On/Off

  • Go to 'Options'
  • Go to 'Auto On/Off'
  • Set 'Weekday' to 'Enabled'
    • Turn On At: 07:55
    • Turn Off At: 00:05
  • Set 'Weekend' to 'Enabled'
    • Turn On At: 07:55
    • Turn Off At: 00:05

Save the settings!

Disable security

  • Go to 'Options'
  • Go to 'Advanced Options'
  • Go to 'Sim Card'
  • Press the blackberry button on you phone and select 'Disable Security'

Save the settings!

Security Considerations

Now, the blackberry can be turned on by anyone but is this a security flaw? Personally, I don't think so. I tested a few things and as long as you turn on the default password protection (Options → Password) anyone has to enter a password before the phone can be used in any way. So, your email can not be checked by someone else, just as all other data on the phone that is not on an extra datacard, which of course, can be removed from the phone.


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