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BlackBerry Wipe


The wipe feature is hidden pretty deep in the device to prevent accidental usage of the option. Navigate to the option through these menus:

  1. Go into the main menu
  2. Select the Options menu
  3. Select Security Options
  4. Select General Settings
  5. Press the BlackBerry Menu button
  6. Wipe handheld

Then you have to decide if you also want to delete third party software and enter the default password 'blackberry'. The actual wiping will take about 10 minutes.

I tested it on a blackberry 8900.

Check your SIM

Usually there are just contacts on your SIM. You can't delete them all at once, you'll have to delete them one by one:

  1. Address Book
  2. Press the BlackBerry Menu button
  3. Choose SIM Phone Book
  4. Select the entry you wish to delete
  5. Choose Delete from the menu


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