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Bladecenter Configuration

General Settings

Go to MM Control → General Settings

MM Information:
Name: bladecenter
Contact: GetShifting - <phone>
Location: Delft, The Netherlands

Network Protocols

Go to MM Control → Network Protocols


Disable all three SNMP levels and agents.


Set the primary DNS Server to


Set the smtp server to (you have to use the IP-address)
Set the SMTP email domain name to company.local (only available since AMM Firmware version bpet54p, see IBM Firmware Updates for more information on how to update firmware.


Set the “Use LDAP Servers for Authentication Only (with local authorization)” option.
Set the “Use Pre-Configured Server” option
Set the LDAP server to
Set the root DN to: “ou=users,dc=ad,dc=company,dc=local”
Set the binding method to: “w/ Configured Credentials”
Set the Client DN to:
Set the password
Set the UID search attribute: sAMAccountName

Web Access

Enable the Web Access


Enable telnet access


Disable SLP


Disable FTP


Disable TFTP

Remote Control

Enable all Remote Control Options:

  • Remote Control
  • Remote Disk
  • Remote disk on Card
  • Remote Video (KVM)


Set the syslog server to “”, port 514


Go to MM Control → Login Profiles

Local profile

Set an local profile with the name “it” and the T-password as local fallback supervisor account, and remove all other local accounts.

LDAP Groups

Note: You should already have created global security groups with the exact same name as you define here.

Under Group profiles, click “Add a group”.
As the Group ID, enter the exact name of the AD global security group, and define the role:

Group Name Role
BladeCenterAdministrators Supervisor
BladeCenterReadOnly Operator

Now you can logon with a user account which is member of one of the two defined groups.

Account Security Management

Set the User Authentication method to LDAP first, then Local.


Go to MM Control → Alerts

Add a user to receive warnings:

Status Name Notification Method E-mail address Receives critical alerts only
Enabled ICT Management E-mail over LAN sjoerd_getshifting_com no

This functionality will not work until this fix is released:
Which is done by now, so download the release here.

Configuration Management

Go to MM Control → Configuration Mgmt

Go to the section “Save Configuration to Chassis” and click “Save”.


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