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Bladecenter SOL (Serial Over LAN)

This is how to use SOL (Serial Over LAN) on an IBM Bladecenter H. The point is to access the blade without having to use the graphical Remote Control option. Why? Well, because sometimes the graphical Remote Control option does not work

Enable SOL

Log into the Management Module webinterface of the bladecenter, and click on “Blade Tasks”, Followed by “Serial Over LAN”:
You can check the SOL settings here, as well as if SOL is enabled for the blade.


Console command

Log into the Management Module telnet interface, and enter the following command:

  • console -T blade[X]

Where X is the number of the bay the blade is in. So if you want to log into the blade in bay 12, enter:

  • console -T blade[12]

To end a SOL session press [ESC] and (

Boot command

system> boot -T system:blade[7]


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