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2019/11/18 13:52 1 Comment

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My First Blog

Hi everyone, it took me almost six months, but it's done. has been migrated to! It should be a reason for celebrating, but unfortunately I still have a lot of work to do. I chose to migrate all pages manually to review them at the same time, check for spelling errors, layout changes and tag accuracy. Besides the new layout I also already implemented a major improvement, facebook integration. You can now use your facebook account to add comments to articles, and, if you choose to, like an article or even like my entire site by liking my facebook site. I know some people might not like that they should use their facebook account to add comments, but I was tired of removing all the commercial/hacked comments on my old site, and didn't want to go that way again.

I will also add LinkedIn (but I don't have an account yet) and probably Google+ in the future but not yet right away. I will first create a new page series on VMware's Site Recovery Manager. I implemented this software quite successfully at my current work place and I created more then 10 pages about this topic. I wanted to wait for the website migration to finish before I would publish them. So, keep posted as the first page will be published this week already.

Then, a few other things. Who knows how to create a shiny logo for my website, favicon, facebook logo etc? I need at least the following logo's:

  • website logo: above logo is 150 x 60 pixels, I thing that's fine, but a square is fine as well.
  • favicon: this should be 16×16, 32×32 or 64×64 pixels, and hold a maximum of 16 colors and have a .ico extension
  • apple-touch-icon.png: this should be 57×57, 72×72, 114×114 or 144×144 pixels, although this seems to change with each device Apple creates…
  • Facebook logo: 200×200 pixels but no important information in the outer 12px border

I'm not willing to spent a lot of money on this, but I could afford you a few sixpacks of your favorite beer/drink if you could create a series of logo's. So let me know if you're interested.

Another joyful moment, this month already went over 33000 visits, generating more then 340000 hits, and the month is not even over yet. Thank you everyone for visiting my website, I really appreciate it.

So, last of all, as I'm paying for this website by myself I'm looking for a sponsor. If you're working for a company which does things like this every once in a while, please let me know!

Again, thank you all!



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