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2019/11/18 13:52 1 Comment

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Blog: A Few Announcements

Hi everyone who takes notice. It is almost two years ago that I did my previous blog. It was to announce that I was ready migrating from my previous site to this one. In the process I grew to 33000 visitors a month and I needed a sponsor and someone who could create me a few logos. No-one ever sponsored me, and no-one ever created logos… But that didn't keep me from creating more and more content, now growing to 550+ technical articles. I have a average of about 55000 visitors a month, topping last October to 77000 visitors that month. Everyone who visits my site stays around for about 10 hits, and altogether my hoster notes a bandwith usage of about 25 GB each month.

So a big THANK YOU! Even though only a few of you take the time to send me an email or a comment on my facebook page I see a lot of visitors from all over the world and that makes me feel good and appreciated.

Having that said, I have a few announcements:

Amount of new articles: Some of you might have noticed that the number of new articles is a little bit falling behind. The reason behind that is simple, my job is requesting more and more of my managerial skills and less ans less of my technical skills. I have a few good articles coming, and new ones will keep being added but yes, less than a couple of years ago. For now there's nothing I can do about that.

Sabbatical: On top of that, at the end of the year I will go on a sabbatical for 10 months. Starting in October '15 and returning in August '16 there will not be a lot of new articles.

Comments: Also, I'm not happy with the facebook way of comments. On a very short notice I will go back to the old way of adding comments directly to the article. That will be more useful to the article and hopefully a little bit more interactive. UPDATE: That's now in place!

Upgrade: I have upgraded the software behind getshifting tonight, so everything is up to date again.

Then the big announcement. This website, blog, wiki or whatever you want to call it has always been about sharing knowledge. It is meant for tutorials, how-to's, notes, fixes, or just for the fun of it. Now I will start something extra, more fun, more interactive and hopefully, something a lot of people are looking for:


Q will be an IT knowledge booster and exam trainer in one, and will be combined with this wiki, allowing it to become a very powerful learning tool. Roadmap announcements will follow soon, but it comes down to that I will start with a beta containing just a few exams. As it is really easy to add content I hope to add new exams, lessons, and even skill trainers on short notice.

Will keep you posted, and again, thank you all!


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