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Netbackup Bare Metal Restore (BMR)

This is an overview page for the implementation of Bare Metal Restore at warmetal. Bare Metal Restore is a Symantec Netbackup product to restore complete systems to the same or other hardware.

For the Symantec NetBackup BMR Administrators Guide, click here (PDF).
For the technote on how to restore to alternate hardware, click here.

Bare Metal Restore Overview

See this picture (source NetBackup BMR Administrator Guide) for an overview on Bare Metal Restore:
As you can see, you'll need an BMR boot server per OS you need to restore using BMR. For our environment that meant Solaris, Red Hat and Windows.

BMR Project Approach

Because NetBackup was already implemented in our environment not every step as described in the NetBackup BMR Administrator Guide was required to be executed. Some steps were already done in previous attempts and some steps are simply not required when NetBackup is already in place as your backup solution. For our environment, the following steps were determined as required:

To document these steps in an easily overviewable fashion execution and documentation were splitted in three steps: Solaris, Red Hat and Windows. See below for detailed documentation on these steps.

Bare Metal Restore Solaris

Bare Metal Restore Red Hat

Bare Metal Restore Windows


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