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Change Requests - Examples

NetBackup Agents Installation

Risk analysis:
- The first night after installing the software, or activating the services, a full backup shall be done which could impact performance and disturb the daily reports.
- There are no other risk then when installing other software

- Turnoff NetBackup Services 
- Prevent automatic starting of services after reboot
- Turnon CommVault sercices
- Configure CommVault services to automatically startup after reboot

- None

Required Time:
- Preparation: 10 minutes per server
- Installation: 10 minutes per server
- Checking up, documentation and close change: 10 minutes per server

Required Steps:
- Check requirements
-- root permissions
-- disk space
- Copy installation software to server
- Set file system permissions software

- Turnoff Commvault services
- Turnoff automatic starts of CommVault services
- Start installation script

Checking, documentation, closing change:
- Check whether netbackup services are running
- Check automatic startup netbackup services
- Document installing new software in CMDB
- Document installation 
- Configure NetBackup backup policy
- Communicate change and work

Create Secure Authentication Through Central LDAP Directory


Create secure authentication through a central authentication directory source with LDAP and roles.


Before the above setup can be configured we first have to create the groups on which WebSphere Roles can be associated:

WebSphereAdministrators - Administrator, iscadmins - Full Permissions and the possibility to grant permissions to users and groups
WebSphereOperators - Operator - Change the status of Application Servers (start,stop,etc)
WebSphereReadOnly - Monitor - View Application Server status

During the Change:

1. Create Backup of WebSphere configuration: 10 minutes
2. Enable Administrative Security: 5 min
3. Configure Federated Repositories: 5 min
4. Configure the InternalFileRepository: 5 min
5. Configure a LDAP Repository: 10 min
6. Configure Federated Repositories II: 5 min
7. Restart WebSphere: 5 min
8. Set up Administrative Group Roles: 5 min
9. Shutdown WebSphere: 4 min
10. Start WebSphere Deployment Manager: 1 min
11. Synchronize WebSphere Agents: 1 min
12. Start WebSphere: 4 min
13. Test Configuration: 15 min

Total time: 1 uur en 15 min

Restore the Websphere configuration with the backup created in step 1: 10 minutes

Downtime: During the entire change: 1 uur and 15 minuten


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