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Template Check Procedure

On this page is a list of checks you should do as a System Administrator for your systems. I like suggestions if I've forgotten anything, or tips how to handle these checks. The point is really to write a best practice procedure. This is not a complete list, it's just the checks I do for my company and checks I did for previous companies, completed (?) with the checks my (ex-)colleagues do.
The first part is really the checks. What do you check and how frequently. The second part is how to make this into a procedure. The last part is really important if you're company is looking for certification or want to prepare for certification.


What do you check and how frequently?

Weekly Checks


  • You should always check the backup, and when a backup is not necessary the backup line should state : “Backup: not necessary.”
  • You should always check the UPS communication
  • Antivirus (AV) should always be checked on Windows machines, but can be neglected for *nix



  • Syslog (/var/log/messages)
  • Uptime
  • Diskspace % Free
    • /
    • Data volume
  • Backup
  • UPS



  • Syslog (!not enabled by default!)
  • Uptime
  • Diskspace % Free
    • /
    • /data
  • Backup
  • UPS



  • Server health
    • Remote Manager
  • Uptime
    • monitor.nlm
  • Diskspace
    • SYS
    • DATA1
  • Backup
  • UPS



  • Event Viewer
  • Services
  • Uptime
  • Diskspace
    • C:\
    • D:\
  • Backup
  • UPS

Applications and Services

Linux eDirectory

  • edir synchronisatie
    • ./
  • ndsstat

NetWare eDirectory

  • edir synchronisatie
    • iMonitor


  • GW errors to GW administrator
  • GW Check Reports
    • POA
  • GW log files
    • POA
    • MTA
    • WebAccess
    • GWIA
  • backup


  • Check the /var/log/oracle/<version>/<oraclesid>/bdump/alert_<oraclesid>.log
    • Errors in this logfile start with “ORA-”


Local data

I like to work locally since it's faster, so I shouldn't forget to copy my data to the network:

  • Create backup local data
  • Copy local data to network


Websites need special attention as well:

  • Create backup from website
  • Check comment on website (if possible)
  • Check email from website


I'm a documentation freak so I say, once a week:

  • Check to see if all work of the week is documented
  • Check documentation from colleagues

Really Miscellaneous

  • As a system administrator you have to deal with prejudices so
    • Clean up your desk once a week
    • Read and reply to your email
    • Update the status of your open incidents/issues/tickets/calls

Monthly Checks


  • Backup data paths in nodes
    • Note the date when you last done this


  • Make sure all clients and the management server are up to date
    • Note the date when you last done this

Half Yearly Checks


Applications and Services

Yearly Checks


  • Check year backup
  • Check if there's been a full restore this year, if not perform one



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