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Citrix Studio - Add Application

Install Application

Install application as you would usually but pay extra attention to installing the server on the D-drive

Add Application in Citrix

  • Log on to a management server and start Citrix Studio
  • Go to applications
  • Select the folder where you want to add the application
  • Click on Add Application and follow the wizard
  • Select the correct delivery group (group of servers where the application is installed)
  • Add the application by browsing on the target server and selecting the executable from the filesystem
Note that the folder for the user does not work well when creating the application (bug?). After you finished creating the application you can open it through the properties button Delivery Application Category. Fill in the server name manually

Check Delivery Group

Verify in Citrix Studio to which users the application is assigned:

  • Log on to a management server and start Citrix Studio
  • Go to Delivery groups
  • Click edit Delivery Group
  • Check the users tab for assignes users
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