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CommVault Restore

This is the procedure to restore data from the CommVault backup implementation. There are two main types of restore, a restore of a recent backup and a restore of a backup some time ago. The difference between these two is that data of recent backups is stored on disk and is immediately available. When a tape backup has been performed and the data is safe out of the building the data can be removed from the disks which means you'll have to retrieve a tape from the external storage facility before you can import it into the tape robot and restore the data.

Recent Restore

Log into the CommCell Console and expand the client computer from which you need to restore data from. Right click the defaultBackupSet → Select All Tasks → Select Browse Backup Data:

In the 'Browse Options' dialog window leave everything default as it is already set to browse the latest data:

In the CommCell Browser you can now select the file and or directory you want to restore. When you're done with selecting click the 'Recover All Selected…' button:

In the 'Restore Options for All Selected Items' dialog window the checkbox for 'Restore to Same Paths' is checked by default. Uncheck this checkbox (unless you're really sure you want to do this) and click 'Browse':

In the 'Browsing for destination folder' dialog go to the temp directory and click the 'New Folder' button:

After creating the new folder select it and click 'OK'. You now return to the 'Restore Options for All Selected Items' dialog window:

Click 'OK' to start the restore:

Less Recent Restore

Even when you're not restoring the latest data, the data could still be in the backup disk system or the required tape could still be in the robot. The procedure to restore data which is not the latest is except for two steps exactly the same as for recent data.

In the 'Browse Options' dialog window you can select a date on which the data should be browsed in stead of the latest data:

There is the possibility that the data needed for the restore is not longer available. You could get this warning:
which means you have to recall the tape from the external storage facility, or you could get this warning (or similar):
which means you have to select a date closer to the monthly backup and retry.


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