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CommVault Remove Full Backup from Disk

During implementation of our CommVault backup solution we encountered some serious space shortages, which meant we had to delete backups on the disk system after it was backupped to tape. Since it was only a temporary solution we decided to do this manually.
Open “Policies” → “Storage Policies” → “Normal Backup” and right-click “to_disk” and select “View” → “Jobs”. cvrmfullbackup01.jpg
Select Backup Type “Full”, select the dates of the full backups you want to remove. When done, click OK. cvrmfullbackup02.jpg
A list like this will be the output of your selection, so select the full backups that you want to delete. cvrmfullbackup03.jpg
Right-Click and select “Delete Job”, this will delete the job from the database. cvrmfullbackup04.jpg
Right-Click “<media server name>” → “All tasks” → “Data Aging”, to run a job that actually removes the data from the disks. cvrmfullbackup05.jpg


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