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Draw IO

Working with Draw IO you can publish or embed diagrams that resemble visio functionality.

How To Embed

  • In, go to file → embed → iframe
  • Make sure you disable the edit and layers button
  • Click create and copy the displayed link
  • In dokuwiki, paste the text and put <html> and </html> tags around it

This is an example of a result:

Make a Change

Changes can be done on different ways.

Change and Re-Embed

In the above example I said to disable the edit button. Be enabling this and clicking on the edit button you can change the diagram and simply follow the procedure above to re-embed the diagram.

And again an example:

Save and Re-Embed

It's also possible to save the diagram to, for example, your google drive or onedrive. This allows to import the saved file and make your changes, but you'll always have to re-embed the diagram.

Other Possibilities

All these options are dependent on to be available. If the service is discontinued or not available you'll loose your data. That's why I recommend to consider the following options:

Save As Image

You can also save the diagram as an image and upload the image to dokuwiki. However, this means that the image is not editable anymore.

Export As Visio

The function is in beta so functionality will be limited but you can export your diagram as an Visio VSDX file. I have tested this a little bit and it works.


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