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Esxtop allows monitoring and collection of data for all system resources: CPU, memory, disk and network. When used interactively, this data can be viewed on different types of screens; one each for CPU statistics, memory statistics, network statistics, disk adapter statistics, disk device statistics, disk VM statistics and interrupt statistics.

Starting ESXTOP


Switching View

You can switch view in esxtop using these characters:

  • c: cpu
  • m: memory
  • d: disk
  • n: network

Modifying ESXTOP

Extra Columns

Say you want to show the ZERO pages in the Memory page:

  • Go to the memory page (m)
  • Type f to get an overview of available columns
  • Type m to select the COW columns (Now you get ZERO and a couple of other columns as well) and enter to go back to the memory overview.

Just Virtual Machines

If you want to see esxtop just for Virtual machines launch it, and type V for only VMs. Type V again to view everything again.


ESXTOP bible
ESXTOP on Yellow-bricks: Shorter and more practical article


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