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Firefox Distribution


This is a small tutorial on how to distribute firefox in a corporate environment. That's not so easy because the proxy settings (quite important within companies) are in a file in the profile, which on it's turn is in a directory that's created during the install with a random string. So you can't just copy the correct file to the correct location. The distribution software used is ZENworks, but this article doesn't really cover ZENworks. For more information on applications and ZENworks check this articles: ZENworks Applications. The application type used for firefox installation is simple.


  • Install firefox manually
  • Start firefox and make the required changes:
    • Proxy settings
    • Bookmarks
    • Startpage
  • Close firefox and copy the directory %appdata%\mozilla\firefox to your distribution share.
    • %appdata% directs you most of the times to C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data
  • Add the firefox executable to the distribution share.
  • Add any desired extensions to the distribution share.


Create a simple application pointing to the firefox executable in the distribution share and make these changes to the application object:
The complete scripts is this:

xcopy "Q:\NAL\Firefox_303\Firefox" "%appdata%\mozilla\firefox" /e /y /i /c /d
"c:\program files\mozilla firefox\firefox" -install-global-extension adblock_plus-
@echo off
color A
Echo "Firefox is done installing!"

Note that the messages for the end user are in Dutch, you might want to change that for your own users!


A thank you goes to the author of this article, which has lead me to this solution.

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