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2019/11/18 13:52 1 Comment

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Fix: Error 126 when installing pdf creation tools

I received error 126 when trying to install CutePDF. I never had any problems with the tool, but being unable to resolve the error I tried to install PDFCreator, which failed as well, with the same error. According to Microsofts Solution you have to replace the framedyn.dll which seamed a little weird to me, but I tried it anyway. It didn't solve it because this error 126 is related to the printer path driver and not the wbem path.
My solution is to install the PDF driver manually, which I did like this for PDFCreator:

  • Go to Start → Settings → Printers and add a printer
  • Select a “Local Printer attached to this computer” and uncheck the automatically detect option
  • Use the existing PDFCreator port
  • When prompted for a driver select disk → browse and select the correct driver:
    • C:\Program Files\PDFCreator\gs8.64\gs8.64\lib\ghostpdf.inf (path may be a little different depending on the driver version you're installing)
  • Ignore warnings about the driver not being digitally signed by Microsoft

You should have a new printer now you can use to convert your documents to pdf.


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