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2019/11/18 13:52 1 Comment

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Fix: CommVault: Invalid CS Cache

I wanted to update a CommVault client and received this error:

It appears that CS cache is corrupt, delete the cache, download updates again and retry.

And when I checked the updates configuration in the commcell console I saw a message confirming that the CommServe Cache was invalid: cvcache01.jpg

The steps to solve this are the following:

  1. Manually delete the entire directory and recreate the directory
  2. Login to the CommCell Browser, right-click the CommServe icon, click All Tasks → Download Automatic Updates.
  3. From the Download Updates Job Options dialog box, click Run Immediately

This will start the download from the updates if you have the updateserver configured. When the downloads are complete you will have a valid CommServe Cache again: cvcache02.jpg


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