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GroupWise 8 What's New

Windows Client

  • You can choose either OpenOffice or Microsoft Word as your editor when composing messages
  • Auto-Save protection against message loss
  • Panels can be configured to display Web pages and RSS feeds
  • Improved Calendar features include
    • accepting items into any calendar
    • publishing personal GroupWise calendars and free/busy schedules on the Web
    • subscribing to calendars on the Web
    • checking the free/busy schedules of Internet users
  • Improved Contact features include
    • business card format
    • a contacts index with lettered tabs
    • multiple Contacts folders
    • contact photos
  • Improved Tasklist features include
    • subtasks
    • percent complete
    • date complete
    • task sorting
  • You can subscribe to RSS feeds
  • New Vacation Rule
  • Tasks and checklist are merged into just Tasks

WebAccess client

  • Has a scrollable message list
  • Auto-Save protection against message loss
  • Name completion
  • HTML Compose mode
  • Improved spell checking
  • Categories
  • Calendar enhancements include
    • a graphical Calendar with multiple-calendar support
    • drag-and-drop appointments
    • publishing personal GroupWise calendars and free/busy schedules on the Web
    • calendar colors
    • automatic time zone synchronization with your workstation
  • Contact Management now includes
    • a contact summary
    • e-mail history
    • notes
  • Keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+A to select all items and Del to delete items make the new message list very easy to use


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