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Move GroupWise to Different Server


What to do when you have to move groupwise from one server to another? Novell has a pretty good TID about it, which covers it pretty well. This overview is just as that TID, only with a few extras:

  1. Copy groupwise directories needing to be moved to the new server, Domain, PO, gateway or Software directory.
  2. Launch consoleone and connect to the domain database in its new location if primary otherwise connect to the primary database and make the below changes to the moved agents object properties in consoleone.
  3. Modify the UNC paths for moved Domains and or Post offices properties in consoleone to reflect their new locations on the new server or volume.
  4. In the Properties of the moved MTA and or POA change the Network address to reflect the new servers IP address.
    1. Also check the log settings. They also point to the old server. In my opinion the best way to deal with it is to remove the old settings and set it up again later on.
  5. If a software directory resides on the new server go to tools / system operations / software directory management and add the new software directory location. In groupwise 6.5.3 or later in the properties of the post office you can select the software directory for the post office or choice to have a setting of “not set.”
  6. If the domain that was moved was a secondary domain you will be connected to the primary while modifying the UNC / IP / software directory and will need to rebuild the secondary that was moved in order that it receives the modifications to it's Wpdomain.db. In consoleone highlight the secondary domain / right click / groupwise utilities / system maintenance / rebuild database. If the moved domain was a primary you are connected to the moved domain while making the modifications and only need to rebuild any moved post offices.
  7. Rebuild moved post office databases to update the post office database with the above admin changes. To do this connect to the owning domain / highlight the post office / right click / groupwise utilities / system maintenance / rebuild database.
  8. Install the groupwise agents to the new server. Run an agent install from the AGENTS directory under your Software Distribution Directory. You may want to create a software directory using the latest groupwise support packs which will allow you to install the latest version of the groupwise agents. This is a very simple way to get the latest software running as well as update an agent from and earlier version of groupwise. If you are installing on a linux platform you can also run the configure option. This is especially true when you are installing a new service pack.
  9. Delete and re-install to the new server any gateways that were running on the old server.


  • Setup logging again
  • Check if everything is running:
OES3:~ # /etc/init.d/grpwise status
Checking status [po.dom2]               done
Checking status [dom2]                  done


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