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WIKI Disclaimer: As with most other things on the Internet, the content on this wiki is not supported. It was contributed by me and is published “as is”. It has worked for me, and might work for you.
Also note that any view or statement expressed anywhere on this site are strictly mine and not the opinions or views of my employer.

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Build This Site - a MakeOver 2

Note: After a failed upgrade I needed to reinstall in Sep 2021.

I've using DokuWiki for a very long time now, and have upgraded, moved, reconfigured and upgraded again for a while now. It's simple, fast and reliable. Because I moved my main site(s) to static sites in the public cloud and have not found a good replacement yet for dokuwiki I decided my wiki deserves a site of it's own, and also decided it's time for some rebranding and configuration.

Previous Sites

For history sake, these are the old Building This Site tutorials:


Installation and Configuration

  • Download
    • Unpack the distribution tarball and upload/copy the files to the httpdocs folder
    • Open the install.php in your browser and follow the instructions
      • Wiki name: SHIFT
      • Initial ACL policy: Public, read for everyone, write and edit for registered users only
      • License: GNU Free Documentation License
      • Deleted the install.php
  • Configure webserver and dokuwiki
    • Use nice URLs through rewriting
      • Enable in Configuration Settings → Advanced Settings → Use Nice URLs: .htaccess
      • Modify htaccess.dist to htaccess and uncomment rewrite rules
    • Adjusted license to GNU Free Documentation License

Restore all Media and Page Files

  • Downloaded all data/media and data/pages files and uploaded them to the new wiki

Change the Logo and FavIcon

Dokuwiki checks a few places for the favicon and logo, and one of them is the root of the wiki namespace:

  • Open the media manager
  • Select the wiki namespace
  • Select the logo.png, apple-touch-icon.png and favicon.ico and upload the files

Change the Width of the Template

Create the following file conf/tpl/dokuwiki/style.ini

and add:

__site_width__  = "90%"
__sidebar_width__ = "22%"

Additional Configuration

  • Basic Settings
    • Tagline: — Sjoerd Hooft's InFormation Technology —
  • Display Setting
    • Use first heading for pagenames = Always
  • Authentication Settings
    • Disable DokuWiki Actions: Register & Old Revisions
  • Editing Settings
    • Automatically save a draft while editing: no
    • Allow embedded HTML: yes
  • Link Settings
    • Target window for external links: _blank
  • Media Settings
    • JPG compression quality (0-100): 100
  • Syndication RSS
    • XML Feed type: 2.0
    • XML feed links to: The current page
    • What kind of changes should be listed in the XML feed: Feed

Mandatory Plugins

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