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WIKI Disclaimer: As with most other things on the Internet, the content on this wiki is not supported. It was contributed by me and is published “as is”. It has worked for me, and might work for you.
Also note that any view or statement expressed anywhere on this site are strictly mine and not the opinions or views of my employer.

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SHIFT - Sjoerd Hooft's InFormation Technology

This WIKI is part of SHIFT. If you want to post comments, Sign up for Q. Q is the best way to practice your IT exams. A distraction free exam trainer with the option to post comments and even add questions yourself for free access. Give it a try and sign up for two weeks of free access!

Build This Site - a MakeOver

I've using DokuWiki for a very long time now, and have upgraded, moved, reconfigured and upgraded again for a while now. It's simple, fast and reliable. Because I moved my main site(s) to static sites in the public cloud and have not found a good replacement yet for dokuwiki I decided my wiki deserves a site of it's own, and also decided it's time for some rebranding and configuration.

→

2019/11/18 13:35 · sjoerd

ZENworks Application Restrictions

This is a small tutorial on how to restrict ZENworks applications to show up everywhere. This is not a complete list, it's just some settings that I use, tried and tested.

→

2019/11/18 12:46


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