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Notes, Tips & Tricks: Windows Server 2008

This is a notes page, extended with tips & tricks. This page is not really documentation, just stuff for me to remember. Sometimes things will get removed from these pages and turned into real documentation, sometimes not. You might find these notes to come in hand, maybe not. For me, it's just things I don't want to forget.

Telnet Client

Windows Server 2008 comes by default without a telnet client which is a no go in my opinion.

I used these steps to add the telnet client to Windows Server 2008 active features:

  1. Open Server Manager by clicking Start → 'Server Manager'
  2. Click on 'features' from the left panel in Server Manager
  3. Click on 'Add Features'
  4. From the available list of features select 'Telnet Client' and click 'Next'
  5. Click on 'Install'
  6. Click 'Close'

Now telnet client works!


Although you can check the uptime in the task manager now a days, I still prefer a simple command. Download the uptime utility from Microsoft and place it in the C:\Windows\System32 directory and you can issue the uptime command.


I want the event viewer to forward all event viewer events to syslog, and that's done by downloading this utility, placing it in C:\Windows\System32 and install it as a service:

C:\Users\administrator>cd c:\windows\system32

c:\Windows\System32>evtsys -i -h
Checking ignore file...
May  7 16:41:06 Error opening file: evtsys.cfg: The system cannot find the file

May  7 16:41:06 Creating file with filename: evtsys.cfg
Command completed successfully

Now, go into your services panel by issuing


and start the service: win2008notes01.jpg

Now you're done!

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